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conference speakers

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Curtis McGrath

Key Note Speaker

Neil Farmer

AMPI President

Simon Pelletier

The IMPA Perspective

J├Ârgen Strandberg

Shipping Industry of the Future

Glenn Attrill

Prescription Medication: Is Industry Doing Enough?

Meg Batchelor

Lessons From UKC Management

Andrew Beazley

Importance of Manned Models in Training

Cai Bin

Piloting Large Cruise Ships in High Traffic Density

Alan Bradbury

Use of Recorded Data to Improve Safety

Ben Brooks

Ethical Use of Data

AJ Bryant

First Aid for Pilot Boat Crews and Marine Pilots

Lindsay Cavanagh

A Pilots role in Enhancing Situational Awareness

Vik Chaudhri

A Systemic Approach To Safety In Pilotage

Peter Dann

Maximising Situational Awareness in Marine PIlotage

Wendy Doran

The Role of Certified VTS in Optimising support for Pilots

Mike Drake

Enhancing Bridge Situational Awareness in Pilotage

Jeanine Drummond

Pathway to Highly Reliable Pilotage and Port Operations

Jon Drummond

Pilots Mental Health

Craig Eastaugh

The Pilot Card - Time for an update?

Peter Emslie

Dispelling the myths surrounding transfer by Hoist

Malcolm Goodfellow

Pathway to Highly Reliable Pilotage and Port Operations

Lew Henderson

Update on NZMPA 2018 Outcomes

Simon Henderson

Evidence Based Training

Tony Herriott

Enhancing Bridge Situational Awareness in Pilotage

Grant Judson

A Regulator's View on Present Trends and Future

Jimmy Koh

The Digitalisation Journey of Singapore Pilots

Antonio Di Lieto

Passage Planning in Confined Waters

Peter Liley

Enhancing Bridge Situational Awareness in Pilotage

Peter Listrup

Smartship Using Simulators to Increase Efficiency

Dale Marsh

The right PPU can make your operations highly reliable

Simon Meyjes

Just Culture in Marine Pilotage

Ravi Nijjer

Challenges for the Pilotage Industry in the Age of Big Data

Julian Oggel

Global Shipping Trends and the Carrousel Rave Tug: Connecting the Dots

Ho-Jin Park

Korean Marine Traffic Safety Audit System and the Pilots' Role

Kittiphong Poolthongkam

Preparing Lambchabang Port for Ultra Large Container Vessels

Ambrose Rajadurai

The Shifting Legal Landscape of Marine Pilotage

Ben Ranson

Ships Helicopter Hatch Arrangements for Marine Pilot Access (Bulk Carriers)

James Rennie

Drone Assisted Pilotage

Richard Robinson

Risk Assessment vs Due Diligence in Marine Pilotage

Debbie Slade

The Management of Safety in Flight Operations

Paul Stanley

PPU as Essential Equipment for Pilotage

Robert Tanner

Autonomous Ships From a Seafarer's Perspective

David Yeo

AI based Pilotage Planning, Set Up to Port Digitalisation



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