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From the President

Welcome to Sydney and the 2019 Pilotage and Port Logistics Conference, being held in conjunction with the 2nd Asia Pacific Pilots Forum. We are also pleased to have partnered with the Nautical Institute to host the Women in Maritime breakfast.

In 2010 AMPI recognised the need to engage with each other and the broader marine community and build cooperative relationships that enable all sectors to continue to improve the services we provide. Our relationship with pilots in the Asia Pacific region has been strengthened with the establishment of the Asia Pacific Pilots Forum. Our relationship with the broader marine community grows as a result of our conferences and workshops.

While ships continue to transit our ports as they always have, a lot has changed recently in marine pilotage. We have been suddenly thrust into the “Age of Big Data”. Everything we do is now being recorded and analysed, shipping has entered an evidence-based world for which it is ill prepared.

We are now more accountable for our actions than ever before, but more importantly, we are accountable for our inactions. Consequently, there is now a far greater responsibility on Pilots, Managers, Service Providers, Directors and Regulators to ensure that worlds best practices are implemented. There is no tolerance for complacency.

The objective of this Conference is to provide an opportunity to hear from industry experts and better understand these and other emerging trends. Hopefully, you will return to your place of work with a better understanding, renewed enthusiasm and some new ideas to implement. Your participation at this conference demonstrates your commitment to achieving this objective.

From the conference chair

The Australasian Marine Pilots Institute (AMPI) has designed a conference with our customers and pilots in mind, providing a program that will be relevant to all industry participants. 

Delegates will find the experience informative, entertaining and perhaps a little confronting at times. This conference will challenge your thinking as you hear from a wide range of industry stakeholders on issues facing the shipping industry and how it effects the overall logistics chain.

So come join Marine Pilots and stakeholders from across the Asia Pacific region October 2019 in Sydney. 

Join us at Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney from Monday 28 October 2019 to Friday 1st November for this “must attend” maritime event of the year - the Pilotage and Port Logistics Conference 2019.

Adam Roberts
Conference Chair

What to expect

The shipping industry contributes enormously to our economy and we invite pilots, Harbour Masters, logistics providers, shipping lines, tug operators, stevedores, regulators and other maritime related professionals to attend the 2019 Pilotage and Port Logistics Conference.

Hear from Australasian and International leaders on topical issues, technological advancements and challenges facing not only the cruise, bulk and container industries but also about the associated port development and landside considerations.

This collaborative environment will bring together participants from diverse maritime and logistics fields to discuss challenging and confronting issues including risk creep, efficiency, safety, pilotage, the changing legal and regulatory landscape, passenger ships, new technologies, port development, pilot transfer, port logistics and so much more. Pilots will be actively listening to industry concerns to determine how they can improve service delivery to customers. 



Level 2, 128-134 Crown St

Wollongong NSW 2500