At the 2015 AMPI Pilotage and Port Logistics Conference representatives from AMSA and AMPI met and discussed the possibility of developing an App-based reporting tool for Marine Pilots to use in the reporting of non-compliant or unsafe pilot boarding arrangements and also allow pilots to attach photos to their reports.

A couple years on and after an initial trial period, the AMSA Pilot App is now well and truly up and running. Since its release in 2017, AMSA has received a total of 158 suspected pilot transfer non-compliance reports via the App from all around Australia. 83 of these have been received in 2018 alone (as of June ‘18), which reflects a strong uptake in the use of the App to support increased reporting outcomes.

The information below outlines the scope of the program. 

  • AMSA regulates pilot transfer requirements in Australia via Marine Order 21 (Section 12), which gives effect to SOLAS Chapter V (Regulation 23). As Australia’s maritime safety regulator, AMSA has a vested interested in providing innovative methods to increase non-compliance reporting related to pilot transfer arrangements.
  • AMSA appreciates that Australian marine pilots are on the frontline and are often the first to identify safety concerns. Therefore input from pilots about non-compliant transfer arrangements is encouraged.
  • At AMPI’s request, a mobile-friendly reporting App called ‘AMSA Pilot’ was developed to assist marine pilots notify AMSA when non-compliance with pilot transfer arrangements is suspected (or identified).
  • The App is primarily an information-sharing tool to help improve maritime safety and was developed via the Australian online app-builder website ‘App Wizard’
  • The information resources contained in the App can assist pilots to identify the specific nature of the non-compliance. This information can be utilised to clarify the correct requirement(s) with the Master or Responsible Officer on board, to assist understanding and rectification.
  •  ‘AMSA Pilot’ is the first App of its kind in the world to provide a mobile reporting service specifically related to pilot transfer arrangements for the benefit of marine pilots. 
  • The App contains the following services and information resources:
  • Semi-automated non-compliance report form

  • The ability to attach multiple photos and enter free text in the report      

  • AMSA Information Sheet (399) - Using Pilot Ladders.

  • Marine Notice 19/2015 (Use of Pilot Ladders).

  • Marine Order 21 (Safety and Emergency Arrangements)  Section 12 (Pilot transfer arrangements excerpt).

  • High-res IMO / IMPA Pilot Ladder Poster.

  • ISO 799:2004 (Pilot Ladders).

  • IMO Resolution A.1045(27) - Pilot Transfer Arrangements.

  • IMO Unified Interpretation of SOLAS V/23.3.3.

  • SOLAS V23 Section 7 (Associated Equipment) excerpt

  • Pilot ladder retrieval lines – safe rigging information.

  • App-share features (share App via email, SMS, social-media links etc.).

  • App usage tips page.

AMSA Pilot can be used on all Apple and Android smartphone devices and tablets, and is currently available for download (for free) from the respective App Stores. Using your device, search for ‘AMSA Pilot’ with an iPhone or Android device, or search for ‘AMSA Marine Pilot’ with an iPad, or just tap the corresponding button (on the right) to go to the App Store relevant to your device.



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