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Australian Maritime Mentoring Program 


The Australian Maritime Mentoring Program is an exciting new joint initiative between the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute, the Nautical Institute and the Company of Master Mariners of Australia.

The program has been developed to bridge the gap between new entrants to the maritime industry and the senior maritime professionals who are already established in their careers. It can be difficult for someone new to the industry to understand the numerous pathways for career development, for instance how does one become a Harbour Pilot, a VTS Operator, a Maritime Claims Investigator or a Shipping Company Operations Manager? These are questions that an experienced maritime professional can easily answer. A significant number of Maritime events are held throughout Australia every year and it would be great to see mentors bringing their mentees to these events and helping them to network whilst supporting them in that next step towards achieving greatness. We can grow our industry by preparing the next generation of leaders.  

We also hope that the Australian Maritime Mentoring Program will allow those new entrants to the industry to educate us and help our member organisations better understand the challenges and issues that they face, especially in relation to training. If we can understand those issues, we can better provide relevant guidance to government and industry on how to prepare for the future. 

Our mentoring program has been in development for around 8 months with particular support from the President of The Nautical Institute, Jillian Carson-Jackson, Captain Jeanine Drummond and Captain Patrick Walsh. We have taken inspiration from the highly successful Honourable Company of Master Mariners mentoring scheme in the United Kingdom where Captain Brian Cushing has kindly provided guidance on the issues that they have faced and methods to overcome them. 

We have purposely elected to have only one prerequisite to become a mentee and that is to be a member of one of the participating organisations - The Nautical Institute (member, associate member or student member), Company of Master Mariners of Australia or the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute (associate member). Our program is completely free, all that we ask is for motivation and dedication from both parties. 

The program launched on the 31st May 2021, mentees and mentors alike will be able to register using the online registration form below. Our first intake will be open for 2 months before we commence the process of matching the mentor-mentee pairs. 

 Offshore and Specialist Ships Australia Ltd

"I hope that this program will not only help the mentee, but also the mentor in developing both of their skills and introduce a level of empathy which is sometimes missing in the maritime industry” 
Captain Peter Dann, President, AMPI

“Mentoring is a two way channel, and should be seen as a partnership where both the mentee and mentor gain value from expanding technical knowledge, or generational perspective and awareness”
Captain Jeanine Drummond, Director, Australian Maritime College 

“The goal of any formal mentoring program is to create an environment in which both the mentor and the mentee can flourish.” 
Jillian Carson-Jackson, President, The Nautical Institute.

"As ships crews become smaller and port calls shorter, the life of the modern Seafarer can be a lonely and self motivating existence. The challenges with ever increasing regulation along with the heavy focus on performance based evaluation can leave new entrants in the tech heavy business feeling bewildered and overburdened. By teaming our experiencd mentors with these professionals we hope to assist in reducing the stress on these new age seafarers and in turn reduce the ever increasing issue of mental health at sea."
Captain Stuart Davey, Federal Secretary of the Company of Master Mariners of Australia

Mentee Eligibility

  • Associate Member of the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute, or
  • Member, Associate Member or Student Member of the Nautical Institute, or
  • Member of the Company of Master Mariners of Australia.

In addition, you must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Not yet a member? 

If you are not yet a member of the above organisations, you can join AMPI by clicking the join button at the top of the page. Associate membership for students and non pilots is $110 . Visit Join to register.


  • Assisting, encouraging and supporting Mentees, as they progress through the various stages of their career, to become competent, confident and well trained professional seafarers. 
  • Encourage and empower personal development 
  • Support and promote diversity and inclusion 
  • Promote a vibrant maritime community within Australia 
  • Promote membership in the participating organisation. 
  • Ensuring that our participating organisations can remain engaged in the training and development of seafarers. 
  • Enhancing the reputation of the participating organisations. 




Australian Maritime Mentoring Program - Intake 2/21

Mentors and Mentees



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