Who is AMPI?

The Australasian Marine Pilots Institute (AMPI) gives professional representation to Marine Pilotage throughout Australasia. It is the pilotage industry’s voice, representing pilots and pilotage at both state and national levels. As a member of AMPI, pilots are also enrolled as members of the International Marine Pilots Association. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, IMPA provides further representation of pilots and pilotage issues at a global level.

As our leading professional body, AMPI takes a leading role in setting standards, provides advice to regulators on pilotage matters, and assists in setting up and maintaining Continual Professional Development. In fact AMPI provides accreditation for many CPD programmes.

Services provided by AMPI

Peer Assistance Network (PAN)
AMPI provides members with access to the Peer Assistance Network. This initiative can assist pilots and their families with issues such as training anxiety, family health issues, coping with changes, financial difficulties, stress, relationships under pressure (at home or work), and also partner support if required. Using the PAN you have the choice of either professional counsellors or peer based support. The advantages of using a PAN member are many:

  • you are talking to someone who understands pilots and pilotage
  • you are enlisting support from a person who represents a lengthy tradition of peer support
  • you are talking with someone bound by a declaration of absolute confidentiality
  • you have access to extended professional resources should you need them

Pilot Operations Safety Management System Review
AMPI can provide an independent, expert review your Pilot Operations Safety Management System to ensure it complies with all current legislation and regulations. With access to a rich catalogue of POSMS and the best industry consultants AMPI will ensure your POSMS gives you maximum guidance and protection.

AMPI holds bi-annual workshops each summer and winter. Workshops are hosted in different locations each time to allow as many of our pilots as possible a chance to attend. Each workshop has a number of eminent guest speakers covering topical issues. As well as providing up to date information and thinking on our industry, these workshops also count towards a pilot’s Continual Professional Development programme.

Safe Passage Magazine
Each quarter the AMPI magazine, Safe Passage, is published. This periodical contains selected articles of interest and relevance to the marine pilotage industry, and provides a window into issues affecting pilotage globally.

Member Forums
As a member of AMPI, pilots have access to the member forums on our website. These forums provide a discussion board where fellow pilots can post over a range of topical issues. All AMPI members are provided with a confidential login that allows them to access this service.

AMPI Australasian Marine Pilots Institute Limited
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