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Who is AMPI?

The Australasian Marine Pilots Institute (AMPI) strives to be the leading professional organisation for Marine Pilots in the Australasian region. Headquartered in Brisbane, with representation in all states, AMPI serves to provide a conduit for sharing professional information amongst all member pilots.

By providing this common organisation, AMPI members are able to share professional advice and points of view, with the overall result of improving pilotage practice generally.

What does AMPI do?

AMPI works to build resilience in pilotage through programs which enhance quality, skills, retention, education and training along with mentoring and nurturing of current and future pilots. AMPI takes a professional role in in the development of a Pilot Safety Framework, and to compliment this AMPI maintains a professional, non-industrial forum for new ideas, developments and issues.

AMPI assists regulators by taking part in the decision making process at all levels. They do this by providing a professional, expert body of knowledge and experience that is readily available for consultation and advice.

AMPI looks to engage all stakeholders in pilotage to ensure that the service being provided is meeting their requirements and that safety and efficiency standards exceed their expectations. Using their own expertise and professional contacts in the marine industry, AMPI guides, promotes and maintains a world leading safety culture amongst pilots.



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