Competition in Pilotage

05 Mar 2018 14:00 | Anonymous member

AMPI's President recently wrote to the editor of the Daily Cargo News, this was in response to a letter written earlier by the CEO of Shipping Australia, regarding competition in pilotage.

Following feedback from AMPI's initial letter to DCN, the AMPI President followed up with clarification of AMPI's position/opinion.

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AMPI media release 01/2018 - President's letter to the editor

AMPI media release 02/2018 - President's follow up letter

See below a chronological list of letters to editor of DCN regarding competition in Pilotage - links to theDCN website

20.feb.18 - Letter to editor - by CEO Shipping Australia

28.feb.18 - Letter to editor - by AMPI President

02.mar.18 - Letter to editor - by Mr Perry Sutton, Torres Pilots

05.mar.18 - Letter to editor - by AMPI President (In response to first letter)

IMPA's Position on Competition in Pilotage

ATSB report on the grounding of Atlantic Blue *

* It is AMPI's opinion is that the above ATSB report highlights where some systematic and regulatory shortcomings were identified in 2009 by the investigation and as a result, the Regulator, service providers and the pilots all responded appropriately to achieve a positive outcome.




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