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    From Conrad Adams, Principal Advisor - Coastal Pilotage Operations, AMSA:

    Good Afternoon, 

    The following information about counterfeit pilot ladder products and fake documentation, is provided for the understanding of the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute (AMPI), the New Zealand Maritime Pilots Association (NZMPA) and their members, Maritime New Zealand, AMSA-licensed coastal pilotage providers and their respective coastal pilot bodies.

    Recently in March 2019, one of AMSA’s Port Marine Surveyors in Western Australia came across a pilot ladder onboard a vessel which appeared (on initial inspection), to be non-compliant with the pilot transfer requirements (see image below). 

    Counterfeit ladder

    The associated ‘inspection certificate’ (see image below) presented at the time of the AMSA inspection, suggested that the ladder was made by ‘Qingdao Good Brother Marine Life-Saving Appliance Co. Ltd’.

    Some of your respective members may recall a previous case back in November 2017, where this particular company’s products were the subject of a separate investigation. This investigation was instigated on the basis of a complaint made to AMSA by a port pilot (and member of the AMPI Executive). In the instance referred to in this email, it is not the same manufacturer who has done the wrong thing.

    On receipt of the information provided by the AMSA surveyor, AMSA’s ‘Head of Inspections – Ship Inspection and Registration’ passed the photos on to the China Classification Society (CCS), who has since carried out another investigation with the manufacturer. 

    The reply received from CCS indicated that another company had apparently purchased ladders manufactured by the ‘Qingdao Good Brother Marine Life-Saving Appliance Co. Ltd’, then copied the product and created their own (fake) certification for it. They have then sold the counterfeit products to customers who thought they were purchasing the genuine item. 

    It should be noted that genuine ladders from the ‘Qingdao Good Brother Marine Life-Saving Appliance Co. Ltd’ are fitted with a compliance plate as per the photograph below. The compliance plate makes references to a ‘Type Approval Certificate’ issued by CCS:  


    The response received from CCS also indicated that the fake ‘pilot ladder inspection certificate’ did not include various anti-counterfeiting features and marks of authenticity which are included in genuine CSS marine product certificates / ‘type approval’ certificates. 

    CCS kindly provided AMSA with an example of a genuine CCS ‘Certificate of Marine Product’, which is attached for your reference. Please click on the image below to see the file titled ‘China Classification Society (CCS) Official Product Certificate.pdf’, so that you are aware of what a genuine ‘type approval’ certificate looks like. Although the certificate pertains to a ‘copper alloy propeller’, the format and marks of authenticity are the same as would be provided for a ‘pilot ladder’ certificate of marine product.

    In the event that a marine pilot suspects or identifies a non-compliant pilot ladder (particularly anything which may be associated with suspected counterfeit manufacturing and/or certification), AMSA encourages you to inform AMSA (or MZN as appropriate), so that appropriate follow-up action can be taken as may be required.

    AMSA would like to note that on both occasions, CCS have been very responsive to AMSA’s requests for assistance and launched an investigation the same day AMSA notified them of our concerns. AMSA has also been advised that as a result of the investigation, the ‘Qingdao Good Brother Marine Life-Saving Appliance Co. Ltd’ has taken legal action against the ‘Shenzhen Import & Export Company Ltd.’ for producing fake copies of their products.  

    This is a good outcome for all stakeholders and we trust the above information is of value to Australian and NZ marine pilots. AMSA has provided this update in an effort to share relevant information with industry, and to demonstrate AMSA’s commitment to addressing pilot complaints about non-compliant pilot transfer arrangements, noting that such correspondence and liaison normally takes place behind the scenes and is not always directly visible to pilots.

    Kind Regards,

    Conrad Adams



    Level 9 , 410 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

    PO BOX 10790, Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

    07 3001 6806

    07 3001 6801

    0417 317 988



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    The program for the upcoming Newcastle Workshop has been released.

    Please click here  to view the full program

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    Well done to Sister Mary and Mick Kelly on a great initiative.

    Click here here to view the full article from Ten Daily.

    Much appreciation was received from visiting ships. Click here to view one such email from the Master of the 'Maersk Yangtze'.

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    Click here or the picture below to access the video 

    Well done to Captain Stuart Proctor and Captain Jeremy Parkin on giving such a great insight to the important role Marine Pilots play in the Port of Fremantle. 

    From 'Perth Our Life & Times'

    Channel 9 Perth, by students from the Graduate Diploma of Broadcasting, Edith Cowan University, Perth.

  • 14 Dec 2018 12:05 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Methodology, Benefits and Challenges. By Karan Bhawinska, Port Study Manager, CSMART and Hans Hederstrom, Managing Director, CSMART

    Click here to access the Members Reports section to read more.

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    Results from the 2018 IMPA Safety Campaign are now in.  

    Please head to the Members Section by clicking here to access the latest IMPA Notice 921.

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    Sydney pilot and AMPI member Michael Kelly has been acknowledged with an award at the DCN awards night for the outstanding work he is doing with seafarers welfare and assisting young Australians who are seeking a career at sea to realise their goals.

    Mick receiving his award

    Mick has worked with a number of Port Authorities and other organisations to provide sponsorships and ship placements for these mariners of the future.

    His passion for our industry is priceless.

    Mick with his lovely wife Belinda

    Well done Mick and keep up the good work!

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    Interesting read by Teresa Lloyd, who shares insights from MIAL's recent  SEA18 Conference, where industry thrashed out issues of Australia's maritime workforce, present and future. 

    Click here to read 

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    The National Marine Science Committee is conducting  research to investigate the compatibility between postgraduate training and the needs of employers in Australia’s marine/aquatic sector. The project is intended to contribute to the development of university training that better meets the emerging needs of Australia’s ‘Blue Economy’.

    My name is Tracy MacKeracher and I am the Research Officer on the project, based at James Cook University. We are conducting a short (5 – 10 min) online survey to understand the professional staff needs of employers in Australia's marine/aquatic sector. The survey can be completed by a senior representative of any non-university employer in the sector (e.g. consulting, research, fishing, non-profit sector, offshore oil & gas, marine insurance, tourism, government, boat/ship building, construction, ports & shipping). I have attached an information sheet, which provides additional details.

    Would any AMPI members be willing to complete this important anonymous online survey?

    If so, please contact me at tracy.mackeracher@my.jcu.edu.au.

    By participating in this study, you would be supporting research that contributes to the development of university training that better meets the needs of employers in Australia’s marine/aquatic sector.

    Please click here for additional information about the survey.

    I have tried to be brief as this is a preliminary e-mail to scope your interest. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the project and, upon request, the results can be made available to you once the project is completed. 

    Warm regards,

    Tracy MacKeracher

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    On 30th Oct, NSW Ports and Ports Australia hosted a meeting in Port Botany with The Hon Andrew Broad MP (Assisting Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister)

    This meeting was followed by a port tour on the PANSW fire tug. AMPI President Neil Farmer joined the tour at the invitation of Ports Australia CEO Michael Gallacher. Newcastle HM Jeanine Drummond was also on board.

    This was a great opportunity for Jeanine and I to describe to the Minister, first hand, the critical role pilots play in the port logistics chain.

    Neil Farmer, Andrew Broad MP, Jeanine Drummond and Michael Gallacher

    The Hon Andrew Broad MP



301-303 Kiera St

Wollongong NSW 2500