Mr. Cai Bin graduated from Shanghai Maritime University, and holds a Master’s Degree of Law. He has been a pilot for 21 years, and has been a senior pilot since 2009.

He has piloted thousands of ships and has a rich experience on the maneuvering of cruise ships, container ships, and bulk carriers. He has conducted research for a few years, devoted to the safety of maneuvering on passenger ships. He won the ANC 2016 Excellent Paper Award with the paper focusing on smooth communication between pilot and captain.

He is devoted to pilot training and also as a superior for pilot’s promotion. He has participated in compiling a textbook for competence examination of Chinese pilots as well as compiling a history of Shanghai Pilotage.

He participates in research on the safety of pilotage and improvements to the pilotage program. He has put forward a number of constructive suggestions when amending the navigation safety regulations. He participated in the “E-Pilot” project to improve the safe pilotage and pilotage administration of Shanghai Pilots. He has proposed a “standard conning commands of ships equipped with podded electric propulsion” and made a presentation in 2018 IMPA Congress.



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