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The Digitalisation Journey of Singapore Pilots

Jimmy Koh joined PSA Marine as a trainee harbour pilot in Jan 2002 and attained his Class A1 Harbour Pilot licence in Jan 2008. As an operational pilot, his career highlights include piloting foreign nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines when it called in the Port of Singapore.

Prior to joining PSA Marine, Jimmy sailed with APL container vessels as a Deck Cadet and rose through the ranks from 1992 till 2000.

In 2013, Jimmy served a short stint in the Pilotage Training section to train harbour pilots before he was tasked to run the pilotage operations as an Assistant Vice-President (Pilotage) and subsequently Deputy Head (Pilotage). Jimmy has been key in implementing initiatives to streamline work processes and enhance situational awareness using technology. These include (i) the development of mobile applications to enable harbour pilots to update their job status using the iPad, (ii) the digitization of the checklist for master/pilot exchange of essential of information on boarding for going Green and ease of archival/retrieval and (iii) the introduction of a mobile application for harbour pilots to do virtual boarding where they could access critical information of the vessel that they will be piloting as well as the vessels that are in their vicinity whilst underway to the vessel.

In 2017, Jimmy was promoted to head the Pilotage department in PSA Marine. Together with his key managers and close to 300 harbour pilots, Jimmy ensures that pilotage services are performed safely, professionally, reliably and efficiently. This is no mean feat with an average of 500 vessels call at the Port of Singapore, the world’s busiest transhipment hub daily.

With an inquisitive nature and the impetus to constantly value add to our stakeholders, Jimmy is concurrently taking lead in the development of the ONEHANDSHAKE solution. Jimmy and his ONEHANDSHAKE team aim to connect stakeholders in the shipping community with this solution where real-time communication and alerts will be provided. The solution will be available on mobile and web applications.



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