A Systemic Approach To Safety In Pilotage

Vik Chaudhri is Manager, Transport Safety at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), the national safety investigator. Vik is a marine specialist investigator and since 2006 has led or been closely involved with about a hundred ATSB marine investigations. These include leading a number of high profile investigations, including some involving pilotage such as Queensland Coastal Pilotage (2012), Atlantic Blue (2009), APL Sydney (2008), Pasha Bulker (2007) and Crimson Mars (2006). In recent years, Vik’s focus has been managing investigation teams, including aviation and rail investigations, which has broadened his knowledge of safety systems in other transport modes. The ATSB has recognised his contributions to improving safety with Australia Day awards on two occasions.

Vik’s operational experience of more than 25 years includes command of very large crude carriers, marine pilotage, port operations and vessel traffic services. He holds unrestricted master mariner qualifications issued in Australia and UK. His academic qualifications include a BSc in Nautical Science, a Diploma of Transport Safety Investigation and a Graduate Certificate in Port & Terminal Management, obtained in Australia.

Vik attends and presents on behalf of the ATSB at various investigation related forums internationally and nationally, including at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), international marine investigators’ meetings, and various forums involving Australian ports and pilotage operations and safety. He continues to have a keen interest in all transport safety, but the safe operation of ships has remained close to his heart since first going to sea as a deck cadet in 1980.



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