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Jörgen Strandberg

Shipping Industry of the Future

Captain Jörgen Strandberg is Director Agile business development at Wärtsilä voyage solution. He joined the company in September 2016 after having previously served in various ship management positions in Germany, most recently with AIDA and Costa Cruises. Born in 1967, he studied mechanical engineering but because of his love of the sea, he joined the merchant navy and then studied to become a Captain. He subsequently served again at sea as an officer and eventually earned his captain’s license. Following his marriage, he became a lecturer at Kalmar Maritime Academy, specialising in instrumentation and navigational systems.

Mr Strandberg has cautioned the industry, as it looks increasingly for greater efficiencies, not to let economy of scale be the sale driver or outcome, warning that ship management has become commoditised, opting for financial control instead of technology.

“Market does not reward quality due to oversupply of ships,” Strandberg said, illustrating with a Wartsila-commissioned study that concluded almost $23bn is wasted yearly in lost fuel efficiency and time at terminals globally. “In the future, new business models will be created using autonomous-remote-unmanned ships,”



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