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dale marsh

The right PPU can make your operations highly reliable

Dale Marsh is Sales & Marketing Manager at Navicom Dynamics.

His experience includes three decades in sales, marketing, business strategy and management with key strengths in international market, business, and product development

With many years spent trading steel and building materials throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, and developing trading relationships with clients and suppliers throughout Europe Asia and the Middle East, he has managed both local and global markets overseeing sales teams and partners across the globe.

He specialises in building and delivering effective customer support solutions to enhance the sales function, developing cross functional relationships within our business, and managing production capacity against market requirements.

His strong bent for technology and innovation combined with business acumen make him a well-rounded sales professional. He has also been travelling the world, training ports & pilots in the best-practices of using PPU’s. His keen interests lie in building long lasting relationships and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

While professionally, Dale leads Navicom Dynamics’ endeavours for the sustainable growth of their global presence, he is also a keen recreational boatie and enjoys the multitude of safe anchorages of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour when our weather complies, and Pacific Island yacht charters when time permits.



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