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Malcolm Goodfellow

Pathway to Highly Reliable Pilotage and Port Operations

Malcolm has to date, been 46 years in the maritime industry. Currently a check pilot at Newcastle (last 5 years) and a Newcastle pilot for the last 17 years. He served on the board of the Newcastle Port Corporation for 3 years prior to all NSW ports coming under the banner of the Port Authority of NSW.

Prior to piloting he was the Surveyor in charge of Newcastle and an Examiner of Masters and Mates for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. His roles in AMSA included assisting in the development, implementation and delivery of surveyor training both in Australia and overseas, conducting specialised surveying on behalf of the UK MCA on passenger vessels and accident investigation.

He went to sea in 1974 with Blue Star Line (London) and later sailed with Burns Philp and on medical aid vessels serving in all ranks including Master. He has been a licenced compass adjuster for 30 years and conducts part time lecturing on magnetic compasses and magnetism to the Masters course at Newcastle as well as for the RAN at the AMC.

His qualifications include training and assessment, Graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and he is a member of the Nautical Institute and the Australian Compass Adjusters Association.

He suffered a very severe workplace accident earlier this year from which he is still recovering.

His hobbies include spending quality time with his family and playing bagpipes. He has a passion for the education and training of pilots and mariners.



Level 2, 128-134 Crown St

Wollongong NSW 2500