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Wendy Doran

The Role of Certified VTS in Optimising support for Pilots

Wendy commenced a cadetship with Howard Smith Industries in 1992 – 1995. During this period, she was fortunate to be given the opportunity to partake in the Howard Smith - FESCO Russian cadet exchange programme, where she spent several months on a Russian Ice breaker.

In the December 1995 Wendy undertook her Second Mates orals, this period however saw the sale of the Howard Smith Shipping division and a down turn of Australian Shipping, like many graduates of this time Wendy moved away from the Australian Shores to secure work. Continuing to undertake Chief Mates Orals in 1998, and Master Class 1in 2003 her seagoing service included: Crude, Product, Fuel/Oil bitumen and Chemical Tankers, Traditional and Self Discharging Bulk carriers, RoRo and Oceanographic Research vessels.

In the late 90’s during the International rollout of the ISM code Wendy was seconded to project work to implement the organisations Safety Management System both at sea and ashore, this included compiling procedures, checklists and bespoke onboard training.

While at sea Wendy continued study in Logistics and transport, and in 2004 obtained command time and undertook a pilotage exemption for Sydney Harbour. In 2006, upon the return from her first maternity leave Wendy was nominated for the NSW Woman of the year Women’s Honour Roll – by the then Hon Eric Rozendaal (Minister for Ports and Waterways) for providing leadership for women who choose a career at sea. Through to 2011 Wendy continued to juggle, pregnancies, small infants and children all while fulfilling the role of Chief Mate and exempt Master on a 50 miler (she will go on to recall these as the sickest days of her life). In 2012 with 3 children including a nine month old baby, Wendy undertook a contract as Commissioning Master for Sydney’s first Bunker Tanker. While based at home Wendy undertook consultancy work which included writing a Safety Management System (SMS) for commercial vessels in NSW survey and a large PNG operator.

In October 2016 upon returning to Sydney from a 13 month travelling family holiday, Wendy was offered the role as Manager Port Services with the Port Authority NSW – Sydney. This role was tasked with “implementing a robust Safety Management System and leading the VTS to International best practices and through Certification audit by the Competent Authority. In October 2017 Wendy implemented a SMS and led Sydney VTS through audit with Sydney VTS becoming the 15th VTS to be certified in Australia and in the December 2017 Port Authority of NSW received an Instrument of Authority from AMSA establishing them as a VTS Authority.

Currently in the newly created role of Manager of Maritime Projects for the Port Authority of NSW, Wendy is tasked with leading and guiding several projects across the state including the transition for Port Kembla and Newcastle Port communication centres to a VTS. Also guiding the change of software and operational systems across the ports of Eden, Port Kembla, Botany Sydney, and Newcastle to singular systems including a large Inter-port tender for one UKC programme.

At home Wendy has 3 heroes in training extending from high school to primary.



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