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Ben Ranson

Ships Helicopter Hatch Arrangements for Marine Pilot Access (Bulk Carriers)

For 12 years Ben has been a Marine Pilot at the ports of Mackay and Hay Point. He is a part of the safety management team for the pilot service and is writing the emergency response procedures for both ports. He has obtained a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and held a check pilot’s licence at Hay Point.

Ben’s sea going career included sailing on Bulk Carriers, Chemical Tankers and Gas Tankers with BHP Transport, TK Australia and Shell Trident Australia and still holds an MC1.

In addition to qualifications from the Australian Maritime college (Diploma in Nautical Science) he holds university qualifications, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Post a Post Graduate Diploma in Economics.

Ben has been an AMPI member since 2010 and became a director of AMPI in June 2013 representing North Queensland Marine Pilots. In November 2014 he was elected Vice President. He has been an active member of the AMPI Peer Assist Network since 2010. He has been passionate about improving training for marine pilots, by working with the AMPI CPD committee. In this role he helped establish the AMPI CPD system for Queensland port pilotage and as part of this commitment he recently joined the AMPI CPD committee.

Improving marine pilot transfers is another area he is focused on. He has conducted a survey assessing ship helicopter hatch suitability. To facilitate this survey a working group has been established covering the five major helicopter ports of, Newcastle, Gladstone, Hay Point, Dampier and Port Hedland. The survey will form the basis of a discussion paper, with industry import from other marine pilot services and helicopter services.

Ben is now looking at conducting a survey in 2020 on the occurrence of limitations put on ship main engines within manoeuvring range and the implications as to how these vessel are handled in pilotage.



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